Stainless steel goulash pot 10L, 14L

Stainless steel goulash pot 10L, 14L

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Technical specifications:
Capacity of KORONO  goulash pot: 10L/14L
Height:  ca. 19cm/ca. 20 cm
Weight of product: ca 2kg
Cover included: YES
KORONO Goulash pot made of: INOX stainless steel

Product description:
This stainless goulash pot has been designed for those who love cooking in the fresh air. It is made of high-quality INOX stainless steel, which significantly impacts its useful life. In addition, it is non-corrosive and easy to clean and it does not burn.
In this pot you can cook a soup, a goulash and prepare many different stews. To the pot we attach a lid that maintains the taste and smell of the dishes prepared inside and protects the interior of the pot from any contaminants from the fire. The warmth is distributed evenly inside the pot and the temperature is maintained for a long time. That is why our pot is the best tool for preparing a dish for friends and family.
The pot has got a practical handle facilitating the hanging of the pot on a tripod. Preparing dishes with our pot is not very time-consuming and the culinary effect is surprising by its taste and aroma.

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