Natural Steel Pan with Long Handle 792 - Ø 50cm

Natural Steel Pan with Long Handle 792 - Ø 50cm

Product Code:792
Delivery:20-25 business days
  • 117.90€

Technical specifications:
Diameter: 50cm
Depth: 10cm
Material: natural steel
Weight: 6kg


The KORONO steel pan is a perfect solution for preparing grilled dishes for the whole family. The only thing you need to do is to light a fire, prepare the ingredients and enjoy tasteful dishes. The pan is made of natural, raw steel, which has not been covered with any coating that could be harmful to health. The steel from which the pan is made is approved for food contact, thanks to which the product is absolutely safe for health. The frying pan has two steel handles that allow you to easily move the product. One of the handles has a specially molded hole that makes it possible to hang the pan in a vertical position when not in use, while the second can be held with two hands, which enables the product to be operated from a distance. Thanks to the large capacity, you will be able to prepare vast amounts of dishes that will satisfy even the most hungry grill lovers.
Additionally, you can also purchase a special steel holder for the pan to put it in the fire pit or directly on the previously prepared base.

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