Cast-iron African goulash pot 6L, 9L, 13L

Cast-iron African goulash pot 6L, 9L, 13L

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Technical specifications:
Capacity of KORONO  goulash pot:  6L/9L/13L
Height:  ca. 30cm/ca. 32cm/ca. 35Cm
Weight of product: ca 6kg/ ca 8kg/ ca 11kg
Cover included: YES
Material: cast iron

Product description:
With this cast-iron South African potjie you will be able to prepare aromatic dishes in the fresh air.
The set includes a lid which prevents the dishes from contact with any contaminants from the campfire. Thanks to the lid the taste and smell of a dish are maintained in the pot during the whole process of cooking. The goulash pot is made of high-quality grey cast iron. As a result, you will be able to use it for many years. The warmth is distributed evenly inside the pot and the temperature is maintained for a long time. That is why our pot is the best tool for preparing a dish for friends and family. The pot has got a practical handle facilitating the hanging of the pot on a tripod. Preparing dishes with our pot is not very time-consuming and the culinary effect is surprising by its taste and aroma. Its long legs will make it easy for you to place it into a campfire or a fire bowl.

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