180cm tripod + Black steel PAN / WOK Ø 60cm, 70cm

180cm tripod + Black steel PAN / WOK Ø 60cm, 70cm

Product Code:130-131
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Technical specifications:
Height of tripod: ca. 180cm
Diameter of KORONO wok: 60cm / 70cm
Thickness of wok: 2,0mm
KORONO wok made of: natural steel
Weight of product: ca. 12kg / ca 14kg
Powder-coated tripod: YES
Tripod foldable in half: YES

Product description:
Preparing dishes with a wok instead of a traditional grate is something worth considering, too.  The tripod with a height of 180 cm is powder-coated, which increases its weather-resistance. As a source of heat for this wok you can use a campfire or traditional charcoal briquettes. The massive wok is made of a thick material and it can hold a large quantity of food. The stable tripod enables its users to place the wok on any surface no matter if it’s even or not.  An additional advantage of the product is the fact that it can be quickly assembled and disassembled and easily transported and stored since the legs of the tripod can be folded in the middle.  Impressive ornaments including wrought elements make the wok a feast for the eyes. Thanks to this product you will be able to prepare all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes, gratinated fish and even a large portion of scrambled eggs. Due to the easy regulation of the wok it’s easy to change the height on which it is placed. 

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